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Breaking news: We now stock digital prints ūüźč

We’ve been busy photographing and packaging a brand new range of digital prints that we have launched on our freshly revamped online shop.

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We’ve been shortlisted for the International Ocean Film Festival

We're super proud to announce our Sea Shepherd documentary 'The Last Vaquita' has been shortlisted for the International Ocean Film Festival 2022.

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COP26 reflections

With the global climate conference finished, we‚Äôre taking stock of everything we witnessed‚ÄĒboth inside and outside the gallery‚ÄĒduring the events in Glasgow.¬†

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Looking back on 2020

As we turn the chapter on an exceptionally challenging year, we take a moment to look back on the things that went well for Under the Skin in 2020.

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Black Lives Matter: Sharing the mic with Adenike

As Black Lives Matter demonstrations continue to take place around the world, we catch up with social activist Adenike to hear her story.

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We are making a Sea Shepherd documentary

Following our trip aboard the M/V Farley Mowat with Sea Shepherd, we are now making a short film about our firsthand account of the charity's mission to prevent the Vaquita Porpoise from going extinct.

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2019 reflections

As we begin 2020, the 'turn of the decade', we look back at ten pivotal moments for Under the Skin throughout the past year.

Albatross Courtship: Process Film

Our latest print celebrates the Wandering Albatross, an iconic seabird that mates for life. Luke Ripley has created an intimate handheld film that captures the whole creative process behind our screenprints - from the initial sketches all the way to the finished screenprint.

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Extinction Rebellion: Wales Rising Up

We take to the streets of Cardiff with Extinction Rebellion to make a stand through non-violent action. We shine a light on the extinction of species and tell the government it's time to deal with a state of climate emergency.

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2018: A year in pictures

As the year comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect and share snippets from some of the biggest moments for Under the Skin.

Trump vs Attenborough

Trumps denial of the ecological meltdown continues, as the great British naturalist tells UN summit leaders that the fate of the world is in their hands.