Our Story - Under the Skin of Endangered Animals

Our Story

Brothers by nature, brothers by design

We are brothers, outdoor adventurers and creative collaborators.

Growing up in a home filled with old medical instruments, and shelves stacked to the rafters with nature journals and iconic bright yellow National Geographic magazines, we were encouraged to fill sketchbooks and scrapbooks from a young age.

We have always had a fascination with wildlife. We’d keep beetles in matchboxes and collect fossils and feathers. It’s funny how childhood curiosities can have such an influence on your outlook on life.

Over the past two decades, our passion for exploring wild places has led us to become more aware of the impacts humans are having on our planet.

We’ve surfed amongst large oil spills, witnessed huge amounts of plastic pollution and noticed weather and snow conditions changing in the mountains. These growing threats are becoming increasingly evident, and we are learning more every day about the animals and eco-systems that are being affected.

A simple, sustainable lifestyle

This awareness feeds into our everyday lifestyle; it's about living simply. Healthy and sustainable eating, limiting plastic waste, and continuing to do our craft whilst taking any moments in between to get outside and appreciate our connection to the natural world.

This mindset also feeds back into our design practice - it fuels the creative choices we make. We design sustainably, strip back any unnecessary packaging, and reuse, reduce and recycle materials wherever possible.

James Harrison
Surfer, climber & environmentalist
Ed Harrison
Surfer, climber & environmentalist
Images courtesy of Alex Sedgmond
Ed Harrison

I recently returned from a two year adventure across Canada, where I spent my time working remotely and exploring the landscapes of British Columbia through my passion for surfing, skiing and rock climbing.

The animals I witnessed on my travels – from grizzlies to whales, eagles to wolves – have been a major inspiration for my creative work. I created a short travel film documenting my adventures and time on the road in BC.

I now reside in Cardiff, UK, where I work as a freelance designer & illustrator.

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James Harrison

I am based in Scotland where I’ve set up my own screen print studio in the creative hub of Glasgow. Working alongside globally renowned artists and printmakers in the Glasgow Print Studio, I also run screen printing and bookbinding workshops. Analogue photography has been a passion of mine from an early age, with nature and landscapes as core subjects in my images.

Outside of my creative work, I’m a keen rock climber, surfer and snowboarder. I make frequent trips to the Scottish Highlands – my backyard for rock climbing, surfing, hillwalking and camping. If the rock is wet and the surf is on, I head to the rugged, beautiful coastline of Scotland to hunt for waves.

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Where it all began

Whilst both injured during a ski trip in Austria, we delved into a discussion on conservation issues and how our generation is living through the sixth mass extinction. Inspired to do something proactive, we decided to bring our skill sets together to create a project that focusses on awareness and action for endangered species.

What began as a passion project in 2015 – a small print series to raise awareness and money for a selection of endangered animals – has evolved into our life venture. We feel fortunate to be able to continue our collaboration as brothers, bringing together our individual crafts and shared passion for wildlife to help create positive change in the world.

Our Mission
Photo credit: Alex Sedgmond