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Albatross Courtship: Process Film

Our latest print celebrates the Wandering Albatross, an iconic seabird that mates for life. Luke Ripley has created an intimate handheld film that captures the whole creative process behind our screenprints – from the initial sketches all the way to the finished screenprint.

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Under the skin of bears

With many bear species under threat, understanding the lives of these amazing apex predators is an important step towards protecting them from extinction.

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How we created our most technically ambitious screenprint to date

Take a peek into our studio as we unveil our latest endangered animal screenprint, the whooping crane.

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Wading into extinction: help to save America’s tallest bird

While mighty in stature, the whooping crane is incredibly rare, with fewer than 900 individuals alive today. To save these beautiful birds from extinction, drastic action must be taken.

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Extinction Rebellion: Wales Rising Up

We take to the streets of Cardiff with Extinction Rebellion to make a stand through non-violent action. We shine a light on the extinction of species and tell the government it’s time to deal with a state of climate emergency.

Experiencing life as a Sea Shepherd

We get a glimpse into the working life on the front line as a Sea Shepherd, and get our own hands dirty in helping to retrieve some of the illegal gillnets that haunt the Sea of Cortez.

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2018: A year in pictures

As the year comes to a close, we take a moment to reflect and share snippets from some of the biggest moments for Under the Skin.

Trump vs Attenborough

Trumps denial of the ecological meltdown continues, as the great British naturalist tells UN summit leaders that the fate of the world is in their hands.

Behind the lens with Stephanie Foote

Stephanie Foote is an emerging wildlife photographer on a mission; to use her camera as a tool to bring people closer to nature and highlight the threats to wildlife around the world. In this interview we talk about tracking foxes, hedgehog hardships and more.

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The Vanishing Vaquita: Witnessing a species fall out of existence

Today is International Save the Vaquita Day, an event to raise awareness and appreciation of the world’s most endangered marine mammal. But how has the Vaquita – the smallest and most elusive of the porpoise species – ended up on the brink of extinction?

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The Unconventional Conservation Group That’s Saving the Ocean

As the organization celebrates 40-years of marine conservation, an Under the Skin reporter sat down with Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, to discuss the pros and cons of direct action, and the key to saving our oceans. We talked about pirates, politics, and much more.

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Tracing Wallace’s Footsteps in Borneo

Another Escape editor Rachel Taylor recounts their experiences in Borneo, in the Malay Archipelago, which helped inspire our collaboration to create The Wallace Series.

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The Darwin-Wallace Theory: The Theory of Natural Selection

A snippet of one of our articles created in collaboration with Another Escape as part of ‘The Wallace Series’, our curated selection of endangered animal prints that pay homage to the great British explorer, biologist and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.

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The Sphinx is dead – long live the Sphinx!

The U.K. is an insulated nation. This is true literally: our islands are surrounded by the sea and enveloped in the warm embrace of the ‘Gulf Stream’. But also metaphorically: our large economy and the vestiges of imperial power allow us to shield ourselves, providing a buffer against some of the harsher realities of our […]

The star-crossed love story of the wandering albatross

Wandering albatrosses form lifelong partnerships, but an increasing number of pairs are being torn apart by forces beyond their control. Their happy ending depends on us.

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