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We’re back from the International Ocean Film Festival

The Last Vaquita was screened on the opening night of this world-renown film festival based in San Francisco. We were also invited on stage for a Q&A to talk about our film.

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We now stock digital prints 🐋

We’ve been busy photographing and packaging a brand new range of digital prints that we have launched on our freshly revamped online shop.

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We’ve been shortlisted for the IOFF

We're super proud to announce our Sea Shepherd documentary 'The Last Vaquita' has been shortlisted for the International Ocean Film Festival 2022.

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COP26 reflections

With the global climate conference finished, we’re taking stock of everything we witnessed—both inside and outside the gallery—during the events in Glasgow. 

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Countdown to COP26: Glasgow Print Studio exhibition

As global leaders head to Glasgow for the UN’s climate summit, we’re getting our heads down in the studio in preparation for our latest exhibition that will shine a spotlight on extinction.

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Skateboard art meets climate action

We’re stoked to be part of For Cop’s Sake! – an art exhibition by Re:Ply Skateboards and Route One in response to the climate crisis.

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Looking back on 2020

As we turn the chapter on an exceptionally challenging year, we take a moment to look back on the things that went well for Under the Skin in 2020.

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The colossal comeback of the humpback whale

Since being hunted to near-extinction by the whaling industry, humpback whales have made an amazing recovery. But with new dangers now lurking in our waters, we need a long-term solution to protect this magnificent mammal.

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Black Lives Matter: Sharing the mic with Adenike

As Black Lives Matter demonstrations continue to take place around the world, we catch up with social activist Adenike to hear her story.

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A Pandemic of Possibilities: Part I

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe and touched every one of us. With humans in lockdown, nature has responded positively to give us a glimpse of what we could experience if we changed our destructive ways. 

The many faces of extinction: why we choose to protect some animals over others

We’ve all seen images of gorillas and jaguars in conversation campaigns, but does our support for these animals mean we’re overlooking the struggles of lesser-known endangered creatures?