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An interactive print series raising awareness of some of the world’s most endangered and vulnerable animals.

Our limited edition screenprints are a hand-crafted celebration of species from across the globe with a powerful underlying message. Under UV light the phosphorescent skeleton is exposed; all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction.

Limited edition & hand made

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We donate 20% of proceeds towards

Dedicated Charities

We donate 20% of our print proceeds to our chosen ‘on-the-ground’ charities, each dedicated to saving a specific species.

We believe in more than just ‘raising awareness’ of endangered species, we believe in taking action, positive change and education.

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Two armed men guarding a rhinoceros with missing horns.
Image credit: Brent Stirton courtesy of Ol Pejeta
Our Mission

Our mission is to use fresh and playful design to engage, educate and promote the work of grassroots charities dedicated to protecting vulnerable animal populations.

Our mission
Brothers by nature

Under the Skin was launched by designer duo and brothers Ed & James Harrison. The project began as a means to celebrate the natural world that they both love and enjoy together recreationally.

Our Story

Brothers by design, brothers by nature Our Story

Our Process

From illustration to print, every print has a story Our Process
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Field Journal

We’re back from the International Ocean Film Festival

The Last Vaquita was screened on the opening night of this world-renown film festival based in San Francisco. We were also invited on stage for a Q&A to talk about our film.

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We now stock digital prints 🐋

We’ve been busy photographing and packaging a brand new range of digital prints that we have launched on our freshly revamped online shop.

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It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.

Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth II Finale


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