Field Trips - Under the Skin of Endangered Animals

Field Trips

Excursions to museums, conservation charities and wild places for research into plants, animals and their surrounding eco-systems.

We are making a Sea Shepherd documentary

Following our trip aboard the M/V Farley Mowat with Sea Shepherd, we are now making a short film about our firsthand account of the charity's mission to prevent the Vaquita Porpoise from going extinct.

Experiencing life as a Sea Shepherd

We get a glimpse of the working life as a frontline Sea Shepherd and get our own hands dirty, helping the crew to retrieve the countless illegal gillnets that haunt the Sea of Cortez.

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Tracing Wallace’s Footsteps in Borneo

Another Escape editor Rachel Taylor recounts their experiences in Borneo, in the Malay Archipelago, which helped inspire our collaboration to create The Wallace Series.

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Exploring the Museum of Biodiversity

We take a research trip to Vancouver's Beaty Biodiversity Museum. We let curiosity curate our experience as we discover Canada’s largest blue whale skeleton which is housed alongside 2.1 million other animal and plant specimens.

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