Mission - Under the Skin of Endangered Animals

Shining a light on extinction

Our mission is to raise awareness in fresh, engaging ways whilst celebrating the biodiversity of species. Our partner charities work firsthand to prevent endangered animals from falling into the darkness of extinction.

The sixth mass extinction.

From the largest african elephants to the nearly invisible fairy shrimp, our planet’s staggering range of biodiversity – which took 4 billion years to evolve – is disappearing at an alarming rate.

The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things. Yet since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of wild mammals with the endangered species list doubling in the past decade.

Extinction is a growing possibility for countless animals. For some it has already become a reality, but for many, it’s not too late.

It’s time to make a change.

Species at Risk

Habitat loss, overfishing, poaching, climate change and ocean plastics are taking their toll and the risks faced by many animals is growing in urgency. With just a quick glance at the endangered species list, it’s easy to lose hope.

However, losing hope would undermine the efforts made by grassroot organisations in the continued protection of vulnerable animal populations around the world.

Reasons to Remain Positive

For the first time in over a century, amur tiger populations are on the rise. The European bison is once again roaming continental Europe. The giant panda has found its way off the endangered species list and mountain gorillas have recently been moved from critically endangered to endangered.

Conservation efforts appear to be paying off as hundreds of species are being saved from extinction, and we believe many more can be brought back from the brink.

Image courtesy of Bornean Orangutan Survival

Prints That Protect

Through our printmaking, we are promoting the work of grassroot charities who are focused on supporting some of the most vulnerable animals across the globe. These charities are the ones who are actively making a difference.

We research and carefully consider each species-specific charity, to ensure 20% of print proceeds directly go towards the protection of the animal.

Meet Our Charities
Image courtesy of Bornean Orangutan Survival

Design For Change

Designers have the power to visually communicate meaningful and relevant messages to a global audience in fresh and engaging ways.

The purpose of our campaign is to keep the natural curiosity that we all had as children alive, whilst sparking public interest in the growing threats leading to the decline of species. We hope this project will inspire others to use their own passion, time, and skills (whatever they might be) to create positive change in the world.

Our Story

Creating a print series of hope

We hope our ongoing collection of prints can be a celebration of these magnificent animals, rather than a catalogue of what has been destroyed.

No matter the size or species, each animal is treated with the same artistry and careful craftsmanship, because each and every animal plays a vital role in their habitat.

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A drop of ink can create an ocean of change

We are by no means experts in the field of conservation – we are simply using this project to collaborate with others and educate ourselves on the topic. It can be overwhelming at times, but our charity partnerships fuel our mission: to share this message through all mediums: print, blog, films and educational print workshops.

Our lifelong venture as brothers has only just begun, we thank you for your continued support and hope you join us as we strive to make positive change for both animals and plants across the globe.

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Guilt and fear are less effective calls to arms than wonder and love of the natural world.

Elizabeth Kolbert, Author of The Sixth Extinction