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Borneo Pygmy Elephant


This interactive screenprint celebrates the beauty and vulnerability of the world’s smallest elephant species which lives on the brink of extinction.

  • 8 layer interactive screen print
  • Limited edition of 40
  • Artwork size: 540 x 720mm
  • Fedrigoni Freelife 350gsm paper
  • 20% goes to the WWF
  • Gift box containing a framing guide, charity card and Wallace Series book
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This print protects
Borneo Pygmy Elephants

A handcrafted, interactive piece of artwork celebrating the beauty and vulnerability of the world’s smallest elephant species, of which an estimated 1,500 remain in the world.

This unique artwork carries a powerful underlying message; under UV light a phosphorescent skeleton appears, indicating all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction.

Released in a limited edition of just 120 prints, each purchase protects Pygmy Elephants with a donation to the work of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who strive to ensure that wild breeding populations of the Asian elephant on the island of Borneo are protected.

What's in the box?

UV torch – flashlight used to interact with the print and reveal the animal's anatomy.

Thank you card – a personal hand screen printed message from the makers, Ed and James.

Charity card – price breakdown of how the charity will use donations to protect the species.

Makers booklet – an editorial publication that shares the working process and story of the brothers.

Framing guide – care instructions of how to best protect your artwork.

Each Bornean Pygmy Elephant screenprint is accompanied by a beautifully printed book that tells a story of this species and the life work of Alfred Wallace.

This 60-page publication explores the species he witnessed on his travels and highlights the growing threats they currently face in Borneo. Through beautifully written articles, fascinating facts and colourful graphics, these books are perfect for anyone fascinated with animals or curious in natural history.

Take a sneak peek inside the book

Sustainably screen printed

This screen print has been designed and hand-printed by brothers Ed and James Harrison in a limited edition of just 40 prints.

They use Fedrigoni’s 350gsm Freelife Cento, a carbon balanced paper which Fedrigoni create in collaboration with The World Land Trust. Numbered and embossed, this interactive eight-layer screen print is comprised of seven layers of water based pigment ink, finished with one layer of phosphorescent ink.

“Through our art, we are giving a voice to the animals that are far too often overlooked and unheard. We hope these prints create a platform that inspires curiosity and moves more people to take action.”

James Harrison, Printmaker & co-founder of Under the Skin