Whooping Crane


Whooping cranes are the tallest birds in North America. While mighty in stature, the stakes are high for the whooping crane, with fewer than 900 individuals alive today.

This print protects
Whooping Cranes

Comprised of a striking red crown, stick-thin legs and an angular beak, this 14-layer screenprint is arguably our most intricate and technical creation to date.

We’ve partnered with the International Crane Foundation, a world leader in crane conservation, to raise awareness of North Americas tallest bird.

For every whooping crane print we sell, £53 will be donated to the ICF. They’ll use the money to raise and release more whooping cranes into the wild, while playing a vital role in protecting the endangered birds and educating the public on their biological importance.

Meet the whooping crane

Let’s get you acquainted with this striking and iconic bird.

Standing at five-feet tall bird, ‘whoopers’ (as they’re commonly known) are the tallest birds in North America. Most of the world’s remaining wild whooping cranes can be found migrating 2,500 miles each year, flying between Canada’s Northwest Territories and Texas.

While mighty in stature, the stakes are high for the whooping crane, with fewer than 900 individuals alive today.

Sustainably screen printed

Our ultimate goal is to create unique, sustainable and meaningful artwork that will last for generations. And it all starts with the materials.

This limited edition artwork is screen printed on carbon-neutral Freelife paper, supplied to us by our kind sponsors at Fedrigoni, created in partnership with the World Land Trust.

We can confidently say this is one of the most high quality yet sustainable paper stocks available.

What's in the box?

UV torch – flashlight used to interact with the print and reveal the animal's anatomy.

Thank you card – a personal hand screen printed message from the makers, Ed and James.

Charity card – price breakdown of how the charity will use donations to protect the species.

Makers booklet – an editorial publication that shares the working process and story of the brothers.

Framing guide – care instructions of how to best protect your artwork.

Key points

14-layer screen print

One layer of phosphorescent ink

Limited edition of 40

Numbered and embossed

20% proceeds (£53) goes to the International Crane Foundation

Packaged in our signature animal kingdom wrapping paper

Designed by brothers Ed and James Harrison

All hand printed from our studio in Scotland